Now Serving Casper, Douglas, Gillette and Rock Springs as well as Northern Colorado and Southern Montana. We also offer many other services that promote efficient operation of your oil or gas lease.  These services include but are not limited too: Hot-Shot Transportation, Fluid Transfer, Day-lighting,  Vacuum Excavation, Backhoe and Blade services, Winch Trucking,  Valve Maintenance,  and much more.  Please give us a call and we will do our best to assist you in safe and timely manner.

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Feel free to call for information on installation of any of our portable anchors, or rig anchors.



Lock-Tite Anchor Company

At Lock-Tite Anchor, we specialize in Portable Surface Anchor systems, rig and industrial anchor installation and certification.  With over 30 years of experience in the anchor industry, we are sure to have an innovative solution that will meet your specific needs.  Our patented PSA systems are engineered to meet and exceed the high expectations set forth by Wyoming OSHA.  Safe. Simple. Effective. Time After Time.

Lock-Tite Anchor Co. Inc. for all your oil and gas development needs.

     Lock-Tite Anchor is pleased to introduce to you our Portable Anchors.  Our Portable Anchors have been fully designed, engineered, and tested in Wyoming and conforms to a strict policy set forth by Wyoming OSHA on the use of guy line anchors for work-over rig operations. On pads with multiple wells there can be as many as 40 or more earth anchors installed, but with our portable anchors, a rig can use 4 anchors, and when the well work is completed, the anchors can be moved to a location which is out of the way of any other activity that may take place on a well pad, allowing for safe, unobstructed work to resume. When its time to bring in a rig, simply move the anchors back into their proper location in accordance with the work-over rig.  We also provide Portable Anchors for other application such as Coil Tubing units, emergency descent lines, silos, towers, or any other application in which a rated anchor is needed. With over 30 years experience in the oil and gas industry, Lock-Tite Anchor feels that our Portable Anchors are a solution for many companies, and we would like to invite you to contact us and discuss your needs. We are certain that we have a solution that will align with your unique situation.