Lock-Tite Anchor Co. Inc. for all your oil and gas development needs.

In order to ensure safe digging, our hydro-excavation equipment is available to expose underground utilities. This allows for worry free excavation under the most sensitive conditions.

     Here at Lock-Tite Anchor Co. INC. we are proud to offer many services that allow for our customers success.

      Along with the Portable Surface Anchor systems, we also install and certify earth anchors for well-service derricks, structures, towers, silos, pit fences, or anything needing a little extra support.  All of our anchor testers are WYOSHA certified ensuring accurate pull tests each and every time.  With a combination of pressure drills and backhoes, we are able to install anchors in a very wide variety of soil conditions and still ensure that they will hold strong and fast. 

Valve maintenance, a very important preventative maintenance program, can be the difference between smooth operation and potential disaster. We only use the finest flush and grease in our high pressure grease guns. This ensures proper operation year after year. Call today to set up a program that fits your needs.

     Our material handling solutions include bobtail tank trucks, hot-shot transports, and winch truck combinations. All of which can be used in a wide variety of applications to fulfill our customers needs.

Lock-Tite Anchor Company